Sergey Yurievich Kvachadze
Deputy of the General Manager for Safety

Our goal is to provide safe financial and industrial activities, support safety on sites and OHS of our workers, and do it in the most effective manner, using contemporary technologies and non-standard methods.


Emergency Prevention

In 2014, there were no emergencies at JSC Tyumenenergo facilities.

In order to reduce arrangement and performance of emergency repair operations (hereinafter ERO), the branches of JSC Tyumenenergo developed documentation of accident-prevention readiness of distribution zones, branches and commercial and industrial departments, stereotype networks for ERO arrangement on power transmission lines, cards of rapid response on ERO arrangement at substations and other documents required to reduce preparation work period when rectifying consequences of complex network breakdowns (accidents).

According to the Decree of the Government of Russian Federation No.1340 of 10 November 1996, JSC Tyumenenergo created a material and financial reserve for liquidation of such emergencies caused by natural and technical factors.

Material reserve is stored in warehouses of the Company`s branch offices.

Additionally, branches of JSC Tyumenenergo are equipped with the following equipment:

Equipment Quantity
Mobile diesel power stations 0.4 kV: unit capacity of 30 kW and higher; total capacity of 5.710 MW 46 units
Mobile diesel power stations 0.4 kV: unit capacity up to 30 kW; total capacity of 0.085 MW 6 units
Mobile outdoor factory-assembled switch gears of 6 (10) kV 2 units
Quickly erected temporary supports of OHL 110220 kV 15 units
Mobile 110 kV substations (PTPA-16 MVA) 2 units
Mobile 110 kV substations (MMPS-25 MVA) 2 units

Four mobile substations 110 kV are deployed in branch offices of Noyabrskye Electrical Networks, Nizhnevartovsk Electrical Networks, Surgut Electric Networks and Tyumen TPO. Their storage areas and transportation plans for on-site delivery have been developed. Mobile substations are prepared for possible relocation to places of emergencies and subsequent commissioning (audit, required preventive maintenance and exercises with a substation set up have been carried out).

To ensure uninterrupted power supply to consumers JSC Tyumenenergo applied emergency power facilities (EPF) 93 times when performing emergency and remedial operations in 2014: in Tobolsk, Tyumen, Ishim Trade and Industrial Departments of Tyumen Distributing Networks (including accidents at power consumers` facilities).

Tyumen Distributing Networks, the branch of JSC Tyumenenergo, provided power supply redundancy in Tyumen when holding the International Judo Tournament “Grand Slam” in July 2014.

In 2014, in order to prevent and eliminate the consequences of complex network breakdowns (accidents) JSC Tyumenenergo formed 119 emergency repair troops (ERT) with the personnel numbering 625 people, equipped with 288 units of vehicles and special-purpose machinery, required tools, mechanical facilities and process equipment.

As part of ERT 13 mobile troops were created calculated based on moving for a distance over 1,000 km with the personnel numbering 77 people, equipped with 44 units of vehicles, process equipment, mechanical facilities, means of communication, and tools. All ERT created are staffed with highly qualified personnel and provided with necessary material and technical resources.

In 2014, resources of JSC Tyumenenergo were not used to assist in mitigation of network disturbances consequences in the electric grid complex of other subsidiaries and affiliates of JSC “Rossetti”.

In total, 47 exercises were carried out in 2014. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, administration of cities and municipalities of the Russian Federation, and other power companies participated in these exercises.

Issues of interaction between manpower and resources of Russian System of Prevention and Response to ES during response operations to man-made and natural emergency situations, inspection of action plans for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, and reliability of control, communication and notification systems were worked out in the course of these exercises.

To ensure the most effective collaboration in prevention and liquidation of consequences of complex network breakdowns at power grid facilities, JSC Tyumenenergo concluded (prolonged) 94 Agreements on interaction between manpower and resources of JSC Tyumenenergo branches and Administrations of municipal entities, Emergency Situations and Civil Defence Offices and Departments of cities, districts and municipal entities including: Chief Directorate of EMERCOM for YNAD, Chief Directorate of EMERCOM for KhMAD — Yugra, Chief Directorate of EMERCOM for Tyumen region, and JSC Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the South, JSC Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the Centre and the Volga Region, JSC Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the Urals, JSC FGC UES — Main Power Networks of Western Siberia, JSC Kubanenergo, JSC Interregional Distribution Grid Company of Siberia, and other organizations. In total, 40 agreements were concluded and prolonged for KhMAD — Yugra; 24 — for YNAD and 30 — for Tyumen region.

In addition to the Agreements, Contracts “About interaction and performance of work to prevent and liquidate consequences of accidents” were concluded with contractor organizations such as airline companies having material and technical resources and work force required to perform liquidation of accidents` consequences. In 2014, JSC Tyumenenergo concluded 44 contracts with contractors and airline companies.

OJSC Tyumenenergo performs purposeful work aimed at prevention network disturbances and emergencies.

In 2014, a number of events was carried out in particular: a program to replace porcelain covers of VMT-110 switches and supporting-rod insulation; installation of spiral reinforcement and multi-frequency vibration dampers; forest corridors widening for existing overhead lines; a part of multi-year program for towers replacement to new foundations designed to avoid potential towers falling caused by foundations structural failure due to frost heaving of foundation piles.

Analysis of causes of network failures enables JSC Tyumenenergo to identify “bottlenecks” at the electric networks facilities and plan events for the next period. Taking into account the statistics of emergency shutdowns, a series of measures aimed to improve the reliability and stability of power grids and electrical equipment has been planned for the year 2015.

The Company organised a series of measures on informing the power consumers on network breakdowns and repair duration with the help of a special call centre with a 24-hour hot line — 8 800 200-55-04.

The natural and technical emergency security of personnel and facilities of JSC Tyumenenergo is at a high level, complying with the requirements of all regulating documents.