External communications

External communications play a key role in JSC Tyumenenergo implementation of openness, transparency and disclosed information reliability principles; enhance the investment attractiveness of the Company and its positive reputation as a reliable power grid enterprise and a partner of governments in the regions development within the territory of responsibility. In this area, JSC Tyumenenergo works in a systemic and purposeful manner implementing the above-mentioned principles of unified information policy aimed at strengthening and development of relationships with the business, expert, professional and scientific communities, federal and local government authorities, public organizations and mass media.

Communications with the Government Authorities and Public Organizations

Built up on the basis of mutual responsibility, relations with government bodies and local authorities in the area of JSC Tyumenenergo activity promotes making decisions on the investment program implementation, coordinated with the regional development programs, security of the electric grid complex of Yugra, Yamal and Tyumen region, and network connection of consumers to electric networks.

It should be noted that, in all the regions where the Company operates, it successfully implements programs of the distribution grid complex development. Government officials of these areas participate in events dedicated to new power facilities commissioning, interaction with clients, etc.

The Company maintains ongoing business contacts with the PR departments of Federal and local government authorities, departments for propaganda and public relations of the Main Administration of the Ministry for Emergency Situations in Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District — Yugra and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, regional expert community, companies representing the business interests: Chambers of Industry and Commerce, regional divisions of the All-Russian public organizations Business Russia and Opora Rossii (Support of Russia). With the latest JSC Tyumenenergo cooperates on the basis of Cooperation Agreements.

Last year, the Company also became a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tyumen region.

This circumstance also promotes closer collaboration with representatives of small and medium businesses, including collaboration in the area of network connection.

JSC Tyumenenergo received numerous letters of gratitude from the state and local authorities for help in termination of the power supply failures resulting from abnormal weather conditions, activities to prevent injuries caused by electric shocks at the educational activities in the Company coverage area, and progress in development and improvement of territorial subsystem SPARES and civil protection of Tyumen region.

Communications with mass media

JSC Tyumenenergo communications with mass media in 2014, like in the previous years, were built on the principles of reasonable openness, observance of business and professional code of conduct. In accordance with the key principles of the unified information, policy of JSC Rosseti the Company continues using mass media for the constructive dialogue with different target audiences: users, public organizations, government agencies.

One of the key events of 2014 was the 35th anniversary of JSC Tyumenenergo foundation and the results achieved by the Company`s anniversary: results of industrial activities, success and achievements of the Company`s staff and highlights of history. In addition, priority themes of Information Management of JSC Tyumenenergo were as follows: network connection to networks, the investment and maintenance programs, interaction with clients, commitment to emergency response and corporate events.

A lot of attention was paid to vocational guidance, prevention of electrical injuries, covering the best examples of power engineers` professional activities.

Last year JSC Tyumenenergo and its branches were mentioned in printed and electronic mass media 3048 times; the Company played the key role among in 1986 news of these news items. The information-favoured index (media index) totalled 4195.9 units. The proportion of negative posts was less than 1%.

Congress and exhibition activity

Congress and exhibition activity is an important area of activities on the Company positioning as a leading power grid company. In 2014, JSC Tyumenenergo participated in fifteen All-Russian and regional exhibitions, conferences and forums dedicated to various issues of power engineering, including innovations, energy efficiency and labour safety and protection. At these events, the Company was represented by the investment and expert community, and is positioned as one of the largest interregional distribution grid companies following the path of innovative development, social responsibility and customer`s service.

Among the main achievements of the Company in this field is a victory in three categories: “For reliable power supply”, “Innovative Project of the Year” and “The most information-open Electric Grid Company”.

And a special diploma of the IV All-Russian competition among network companies “Best Electric Networks of Russia” in the nomination “Socially Oriented Electric Grid Company” for prevention of children electrical injuries; a medal for development and successful implementation of new technologies and equipment in the energy sector of the specialised exhibition “Energy. Housing and Public Utilities”; Diploma of the winner of the All-Russian competition “Leader of Environmental Activity in Russia — 2014”; the first place and the Audience Award in the city photo competition on labour protection on a theme “Dialogue with Workers”; The letters of gratitude for social partnership and participation in vocational education modernization of Ugra Department of Education and Youth Policy of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra.

The most significant events attended by specialists of JSC Tyumenenergo were:

  • The specialised exhibition “Energy Industry. Housing and Public Utilities” (March, Tyumen);
  • Yugra industrial forum (April, Khanty-Mansiysk);
  • St. Petersburg international economic forum (June, St. Petersburg);
  • The international scientific and practical conference “Smart Overhead Lines: Design and Reconstruction” (May, Moscow);
  • The international electric power forum “RuGrids-Electro” (October, Moscow);
  • The inter-regional specialised exhibition “Construction. Energy Industry. Housing and Public Utilities in the Far North” (November, Novy Urengoy);
  • The exhibition forum “Yugra Education — 2014: Innovative Technical Education — from school to manufacture” (November, Surgut).

Within the framework of the event in Tyumen, a round table was hosted, focussing on implementation of the roadmap timeline “Improving access to energy infrastructure” in the south of Tyumen region. Specialists of JSC Tyumenenergo reported on “Operating Experience of 110kV OHL Composite Supports in JSC Tyumenenergo” at the international scientific and practical conference “Smart Overhead Lines: Design and Reconstruction”; the Company shared an experience of interaction with regional educational institutions training personnel for the electricity industry on the youth platform of RuGrids-Electro forum.

Participation of the Company`s specialists in the congress and exhibition activities is a key component in the experience exchange with colleagues, building relations with equipment development contractors, establishing contacts with representatives of government authorities, business partners, mass media and public organizations at different levels.

Results in the area of collaboration with mass media, government authorities and educational institutions achieved by JSC Tyumenenergo in 2014 confirm the stable image of the Company as the guarantor of reliable power supply, a socially and environmentally responsible, innovative, dialogue-open company aimed at the improvement of the standard of living in its operations area.